CBD concentrates are a revolutionary way to consume nature’s finest medicine and receive fast-acting relief.  Our broad spectrum CBD wax and our wide array of flavorful CBD isolate shatters can be dabbed by itself on a rig/concentrate pen or sprinkled onto your favorite smoking blend to bring on the full effects of cannabinoids working harmoniously together.


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  • Watermelon OG:

    Feeling: Relaxed, Sleepy

    Benefits: Sleep aid

    Aroma: Sweet, Tropical, Grape

    Blueberry OG:

    Feeling: Euphoric, Giggly

    Benefits: Anti-Anxiety, Elevates mood

    Aroma: Blueberry, Earthy

    Girl Scout Cookie:

    Feeling: Uplifted, Creative

    Benefits: Relief of severe pain

    Aroma: Sweet, Floral

    Pineapple Express:

    Feeling: Uplifted, Energetic

    Benefits: Energetic buzz

    Aroma: Pineapple, Tropical

    Terpin Gorilla:

    Feeling: Euphoric, Relaxed

    Benefits: Pain and Migraine Relief

    Aroma: Piney, Citrus